Matigari – Ngugi wa Thiong’o

Matigari is definitely an intriguing read. This review was done by Rowena. Check out her blog: lesreveriesderowena.wordpress.com , especially if you are a book lover. Lots of great reviews.

Les Reveries de Rowena

“Where can a person girded with a belt of peace find truth and justice in this world?”- Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Matigari

The story takes place in a newly-independent Kenya. Like in other recently independent countries, their former masters still have a very strong presence and much control. Matigari ma Nijiruungi, whose name means “the patriots who survived the bullets” in Swahili,  is a messiah-like figure who has returned from fighting for independence and finds that his country has become corrupt and depraved. Matigari travels with a young Kenyan boy and a Kenyan prostitute while trying to find truth and justice, and take back what he believes is rightfully his. Due to several near escapes, Matigari’s image becomes more and more mythologized as the story goes on:

“Who is Matigari? they asked one another. How on earth are we going to recognise him? What does he look like? What nationality is…

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