A love letter to my pet hate

Day 8

Dear ‘Company help-desk that puts me on hold for hours.’

When I dial your number to make a quick enquiry or to clarify an issue, it pains me when you put me on hold….for one hour. I called because my issue is really important to me. You seem to share this same sentiment when you tell me that ‘my call is important to you‘, but you know what they say – actions speak louder than words. Putting my call on hold for one hour indicates otherwise.

Did I tell you that I was phoning from my cellphone? …No, I don’t have a contract phone and these mobile network minutes don’t give me unlimited call time. I thought It would be simple – dial, talk, hang up. I didn’t know you would add the hold- for- eternity. Forever is such a long time 😦

Oh, and that ‘jingle’ you decided to play for me during my holding time could pass as an anger trigger. Your choice of music is truly extraordinary. A calmer pop song might do the trick? I was a little happy when the music stopped after playing repeatedly for 30 minutes. I thought I would finally hear the voice of a human being! I did! Except my call had obviously been elevated to the next level; the ‘advert section’. Marvelous! I don’t know why but somehow your exclusive products do not appeal to me today. It must be something to do with my tired ear and angry advert filter that I have developed over this past half hour. I think you will forgive me if I don’t sign up immediately for this special offer?

You have really put me in a dilemma here. It has been 40 minutes now. If I hang up now and try to call again later, does that mean I have to join the hold line again? I am not sure though what place number I will end up getting in this delightful waiting line. You got me. I am going to hold a few more minutes. And a few more…..until my phone credit runs out. Nice!




One comment on “A love letter to my pet hate

  1. Cynthia Chandomba
    July 15, 2014

    LOL!!!! laughing for days…. im so with you there. I hate it too when these so called “helpdesk” put you on hold for ages, and sometimes your call never gets picked up. Enjoyed this post!!!


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