Inspired by art

Day 7

The thing about a bootcamp is that it is intense and takes you out of your comfort zone. The thing about this Writers Bootcamp is that it has taken me miles away from my comfort zone, firstly by challenging me to write and post something everyday on my blog in the month of July. Did I hear someone say “ways to overcome writers block 101?”

Secondly, we don’t get to choose the topics. The topics choose us. Sorry that just sounded cool but that is not the truth. The truth is, the organisers of the bootcamp choose the topics and post them at 6pm everyday so we can prepare for the next day. The organisers don’t know any of the people that are participating. So they have no idea what topics we are interested in. All the topics have been random, which has really forced us out of our comfort zones.

Which brings me to the topic for today, a topic I am excited about. I am excited about this topic because it is something I actually enjoy. If reincarnation is real and we get to have another shot at life in another lifetime, I would choose to come back as a renowned visual artist so that I could create beautiful art for everyone around me. I love art, I love people who make art and I love places that house art. I enjoy spending countless hours in a museum or art gallery starring at paintings, trying to interpret what message the artist wanted to send to us. To me its feels like walking in the imaginations of different artists, appreciating their beautiful creations.

The awesome thing about ‘art’ is that it encompasses many different forms. In this post I focus on visual arts – sculptures, paintings and photographs. This is not inclusive but I picked three of my favorites that inspire me. I am inspired by the questions artists pose to us in their creations. Questions left to our interpretation and not necessarily the questions the artists intended to ask. We all see differently and we all get different vibes from different pieces.

Art could be is the highest expression of imagination. It communicates, it heals and it inspires.




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