Crossing the Bridges- An art exhibition

In my next life I wish to come back as a curator or a successful art gallery owner.

I am one of those people who wouldn’t mind spending a whole afternoon in a museum. Yes, when I travel to a new city the first thing I look up on ‘the’ Google is the museum scene of the city being visited. If I get a chance,I map out routes that can take me past these buildings filled with aesthetic pleasure.I like to please my eyes and I like to imagine the artists thoughts as they created such beauty.

I recently had the opportunity to attend an exhibition opening at the National Art Gallery in Harare, Zimbabwe. If you look back at some posts I wrote earlier this year you can find more information about art galleries in Southern Africa.

Met the lovely Doreen Sibanda, Director of the National Art Gallery

Met the lovely Doreen Sibanda, Director of the National Art Gallery

‘Crossing the bridge’ is a collaborative art exhibition showcasing the works of Israel Israel, a Bulawayo sculptor and Forbes Mushipe, a mixed media artist from Gweru, Zimbabwe.

“Connecting the inner and outer eye, the two illustrious artists use metaphor and transformation to see beyond the known. Israel is presenting the concept of jackets in its contemporary denotation while Forbes Mushipe ushers the spiritual journey, through the African tales within the social, religious and cultural context. Both artists seek to probe the world around them and as a means to describe their work using abstraction and intuition, by conveying individual ideas and emotions.”– Cliford Zulu (Curator)

I would recommend seeing and interpreting the exhibition yourself as it is highly fascinating. Here are some images I took.

Israel Israel with one of his pieces

Israel Israel with one of his pieces

My favourite piece was the one below by Forbes Mushipe. A tribute to a queen. RIP Chiwoniso Maraire.

A piece titled 'Chiwoniso' by Forbes Mushipe

A piece titled ‘Chiwoniso’ by Forbes Mushipe

For more details about this exhibition and the National Arts Gallery visit http://www.nationalgallery.co.zw/


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